Navigating Change in Programs

Fresh Tracks is full of young leaders taking action in their community. Many leaders are linked to youth councils, clubs, local groups, and many other organizing roles that evolve over time. How do you as a leader adapt to change in programs? Join James E. King Jr. for a deeper look at how you can navigate great change in various arenas. James will provide you with various action steps to apply to your activism.


Goal Setting for Action

Join Children & Nature Networks Juan Martinez to develop strategies to take your goals and propel yourself into action. Juan shares his use of SMART goals and how you can apply them in your work. This webinar will provide a guideline and start of a plan for community action.


Fresh Tracks Webinar: Mentorship

During your exhibition, your trainers acted as key mentors and role models throughout your experience. What is the value of mentorship and being a mentor in your community? Fresh Tracks trainer Tyra Nicolay shares the key skills of a quality mentor and the stages of building a strong relationship.


Fresh Tracks Webinar: Critical Thinking

As young leaders and active citizens, navigating challenges and problems in your communities, groups, or other leadership roles is critical for success. Join Fresh Tracks Trainer Cameron Williamson-Martin as he walks you through a comprehensive method to analyze and solve problems you may face.


Fresh Tracks Webinar: Project Management

Executing community action plans, programming, and events can take strategic planning and management. Tune in to join Fresh Tracks Trainer Ajee Witherspoon to dive deeper into what it means to manage a project. You’ll learn the phases of projects and common challenges as well as how to mitigate them.


Fresh Tracks Webinar: Measuring Success Part One

Fresh Tracks strives for community action by young leaders, but how do we know our action is making a difference? Evaluation at the onset of your project can help you set goals, develop a problem statement, and measure and understand your impact. Join Dr. Sharoni Little and Champion for Change and Fresh Tracks leader Sonny White for a deeper understanding of evaluation and a conversation about how evaluation principles apply to Sonny’s project and yours!