Fresh Tracks uses a distinctive cultural immersion and experiential approach that blends leadership development, cross-cultural sharing, and outdoor exploration to promote the following core outcomes:

  • Cultural Competence: Participants will gain an understanding of cultural and emotional intelligence and implicit bias to lead and thrive in an increasingly diverse, global world.

  • Civic Engagement: Participants will become more civically engaged, empowering them to become active change-agents within their home communities.

  • Leadership Development: Participants will build new leadership skills through workshops focused leadership IQ, developing personal narratives, and community organizing. 

The benefits from Fresh Tracks don’t stop at the individual. Stephanie came back as a stronger leader, not only in Compton, but as a strong influence for her brother and family.
— Aja Brown, Mayor, City of Compton


A formal evaluation conducted by Dr. Sharoni Little of the Strategist Company and the USC Marshall School of Business found that the August 2016 Fresh Tracks program increased participant knowledge and skills around key objectives, especially civic engagement, cultural competency, interpersonal leadership and communication, and environmental stewardship and justice.

Read the Executive Summary of the Evaluation Report here.